Monday, November 9, 2009

My First Craft Fair

On Saturday I did my first craft fair. Well, that is , as a vendor. I set up a table with some grids and fleece and made it look like a guinea pig C&C cage (or as much as I could). I also had a cage for my mouse plushies, and brought a couple of my new ratty plushies too.

There wasn't a large attendance. I blame the weather! It rained all day, and quite heavily. I did make some sales and some new friends, and the experience was invaluable. I'll be looking forward to doing more of these events.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Autumn is my favorite season. The richness of colors that flare in almost every tree, the crispy chill in the air, the grey drizzly days, the crunchy leaves that carpet the ground, I love it all. Warm drinks abound, and cuddles with your favorite furry friend under a soft blanket become mandatory.

I've gathered some of my most colorful plushies to play for a while amongst some seasonal autumn items.

Punkin is a guinea pig with bright orange fur, and an in-your-face personality to go with it! He refuses to tone it down, and instead relishes the fact that he stands out so much. He's a critter who loves being the center of attention, and will do whatever he can to get noticed. Punkin actually hates autumn, since there's so much blazing orange and red he feels like nature is trying to one-up him. As winter draws near, he feels that he's the best piggy up to the task of brightening up a dreary grey day.

I was out the day, walking through a carpet of leaves and breathing in the crisp autumn air. As I admired the vibrant colors swirling and rustling all around me, I was startled by a sudden squeak and burst of leaves. A plushie piggy had been hiding in the fallen foliage, his fur a rich auburn red that camouflaged him perfectly. I picked him up and brought him inside, as no piggy should be outdoors on a chilly day like that. We drank hot cocoa and watched the windbourne leaves from the warm indoors.

Ruby is a mouse with fiery red fur, but don't let that fool you, she's not hot-tempered! Despite her blazing demeanor, she's actually very mild-mannered and easy to get along with. She enjoys having deep conversations over hot tea, especially if there are cinnamon flavored treats to be had as well.

All of my autumn plushie friends are available in both my Etsy shop and my Artfire shop til the end of fall and beyond.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

On the Road to Recovery

Well, despite improvement in her demeanor and increased appetite, Pocky still wasn't eating any hay or pellets. I didn't want to wait til we finished the antibiotics so I called the vet. It was a really busy day, so they said they'd call me back to discuss our options. Hours went by without hearing from them, so I called back. The doctor still wasn't available so all I could do was reserve the last available appointment for the next day. They must have been really busy, because I never got to talk to the vet. As soon as I woke up the next morning I called again. The person I spoke to said that if I wanted to bring Pocky in for a dental exam, I'd have to bring her in the next day in the morning since it's a procedure that couldn't be handled in a regular appointment slot. I agreed, made arrangements, and cancelled the appointment for that afternoon. Since we spent so much time on Pocky recently, we decided to give all the piggies a weighing that morning before feeding them. Everyone's weight was fine, but when I picked up Miso, Pocky's brother, I found a lump under his chin. Crap. I called the vet back no more than five minutes after hanging up and asked if they still had that afternoon appointment available. I brought Miso in, and the doctor says it was most likely an abscess, and we scheduled an appointment for surgery to have it removed.

Pocky's dental exam showed that her teeth were in good condition, they were filed down a bit but there was nothing that would cause her to stop eating. She seemed bothered after her procedure and showed no interest in even nibbling anything. I had stopped giving her antibiotics thinking that the exam would bring to light a dental issue. After another visit to the vet we switched her to Baytril, a different type of antibiotic in the hopes that it would target different bacteria, but again, Pocky still didn't eat on her own.

Miso went through his surgery just fine. The abscess wasn't related to a tooth, which is a good thing, and was most likely due to an external puncture wound like a bite (I'm looking at you, Archie!) The doctor wasn't able to take out the abscess cleanly, however, it burst during the procedure. They had to suture the incision open as they couldn't close it up as a sterile wound, and I was given the responsibilty of flushing it out with an antiseptic and packing it with Neosporin twice a day. When I first saw him, I cried. It looked horrible! It's really not as bad as it looks, the vet told me it's mostly scar tissue with no nerve endings so it doesn't hurt. Miso acts like it's not even there, he eats and drinks and goes about his daily life as if nothing were different. When I brought him back for a follow up exam his wound was doing fine with no signs of infection, and on the next visit his sutures were removed. Now I only need to cover the incision area with Neosporin twice a day, and I'll continue to give him acidophilus and antibiotics until he's fully healed.

I've had Pocky on baytril for almost 2 weeks. She's been very affectionate and vocal, and gets excited when it's feeding time but still didn't eat more than a nibble or so. I could see that whatever was affecting her still wasn't being treated, so I brought her in again to the vet when Miso had his stitches taken out. Her front teeth were getting misaligned, the lower tooth was very skinny and long, and the top was very thick. She squealed like I never heard her squeal before when they trimmed her teeth. The doctor felt her facial muscles, especially around her jaw, and could see that they'd become rather emaciated in comparison to the rest of her body. I also didn't realize that Pocky wasn't opening her mouth very wide until I had to give Miso meds and saw how enunciated his chewing motions were in comparison to his sister's. Taking all this into consideration, and seeing how she didn't have any bad teeth and probably not an infection, the vet said that she probably has some pain in the main muscles of her jaws, and that would be the cause of her lack of desire/inability to eat. He prescribed her a form of cortizone for the pain, so now I'm giving her that and acidophilus til her poops regain their normal consistency, but no more reglan or antibiotics.

This photo was taken just this morning, as Pocky eats her first piece of hay in over a month.

When I syringe feed Pocky now, it seems like her chewing is a bit more animated. She'e really been trying to get at her hay, pulling at it but not eating it. This morning she ate a whole meal's worth of parsley and lettuce, and even ate a long piece of hay and a couple of pellets. I'm so relieved and happy! Seems like we finally found out what the issue is. As tiring as it is to force feed her and give her meds several times a day, it's not nearly as frustrating as knowing that your pet is suffering and you can't figure out what to do to help her.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Waning of Golden Days

Yellow is the color of summer, the sun, golden days that stretch on lazily for hours and hours. Roses thrive in this vibrant time, refusing to shed their silken petals til the sun shies away and leaves the days colder and darker. I recieved these beautiful yellow roses, my favorite of all flowers, and they begged me to appear in a photo shoot. To be honest, I like colder weather, and am eagerly anticipating the onset of autumn.

I know someone in particular who is sad to see the summer end.

There's a certain little mouse who isn't timid like the others. He doesn't like to hide in the shadows, rather, he prefers to bask in the warm rays of the sun. His name is Sunny, and he has an ever cheerful disposition. This mouse loves bright, colorful things, especially if they're yellow. You may find him in your garden amongst your most brilliant flowers, and on rainy days he'd like to come inside for some tea and you may get him to stay for a chat if you have some fresh cut flowers on display.

Sunny is available in both my Etsy and Artfire shops.

Friday, September 11, 2009

One Sick Little Guinea Pig Can Make a Big Impact

Here I sit in my living room, my feet up, laptop appropriately on my lap, and a little bundle of fluff at my side. I'm tired, my back aches a bit, and it's another 90° day so I'm warmer than I'd like to be. To say that all these issues were caused by a certain little big-eyed, squeaky fluff would be a bit of an exageration, after all guinea pigs don't control the weather, but it's not too far off from the truth.

It all began two weeks ago. My littlest guinea pig, the adorable agouti Pocky with her great big eyes, didn't eat much of her parsley. It was the last bit of an older bunch, and some of the other piggies didn't eat it all right away (Archie decided to decorate his cage with parsley leaf confetti). After all the others had eaten their breakfast remainders, she still didn't finish it, and didn't eat all of the lettuce that was offered for dinner. Pocky did snatch up the baby carrot presented to her and ate it all. I've had a piggy get into a mood where they don't eat as much as they normally do for a day, and seem to sit around in a ponderous mood, but they always go back to normal after a day or so, so I didn't think too much of it.

The next day Pocky still didn't eat much of her fresh greens, and apparently hadn't been eating much of her pellets or hay. I offered her carrot and bell pepper and lettuce throughout the day, which she'd only consume small amounts of. She had no interest in her hay or pellets at all. There is a good small animal vet nearby, but they're closed on Sundays so all I could do was keep a close eye on my piggy and wait. I was deeply vexed. She sat all puffed up in her pigloo all day, and didn't emerge for hay or drag her small pellet dish into the pigloo as she normally did. She was bright-eyed and alert and wasn't lethargic, so that was a good sign. I cuddled with her in bed watching tv til around 2 am. I was honestly afraid she wouldn't survive til morning.

At around 6 am I woke up, probably due to my obnoxious neighbors. I had to go check on my little girl. I quietly went up to her cage, sat on the floor cushion in front of it, and took a deep breath as I looked at her pigloo. I lifted it up, and to my relief I saw the pale morning light glimmer off her big bright eyes as her nose perked up at me. I scooped her up and held her close to my chest for a few minutes before going back to bed. (I go to bed late, so I get up late). When I got up again, I put Pocky on my lap and offered her some parsley. Her nose perked up at it, but she ate only the tiniest nibble. We offered a baby carrot, but she only ate about half of it, leaving little bits behind. I could see the situation was becoming dire. A call to the vet was made, they were closing within the hour but they would see her. I made the hastiest exit in my life and we took her there right away. The vet was in surgery, so he wasn't able to see her right away, so we had to leave here there. They checked her vitals, Pocky's temperature was good and she was still very alert and perky so that was positive. We just had to go home and wait til the vet was free to see her. After a few hours we got a call, they'd been syringe feeding Pocky to get her some food and fluids. They looked in her mouth and didn't see anything wrong with her teeth. There was a bit of gas in her tummy, so they gave her some treatment for her gut. The vet said that they'd call me again and I should be ble to take her home later in the afternoon. It may be just a gut upset, but if she didn't regain her appetite I'd have to take her back for bloodwork or a more thorough examination of her teeth.

We brought Pocky home with some Critical Care dry mix, some acidophilus tablets for her gut, and an appetite stimulant called reglan. For the next few days I fed her the Critical Care mush through a syringe and gave her the medications along with plenty of cuddles, but still she didn't want to eat on her own, so back to the vet we went. They did some bloodwork, and we waited a day for the results. Pocky didn't have any kidney or liver problems, but she did have a low white blood cell count which is indicative of an infection. Some antibiotics were added to the regimen of oral treatments.

"I said I'm not hungry!" says the grumpy Pocky-chan during one of her syringe feedings.

I have to mention that the Wednesday before all this occured, my boyfriend had surgery on his wrist. It was a minor procedure, but it left him with his right arm in a cast. That meant that the man who previously was happy to do dishes since I cooked dinner, and who helped me clean the guinea pig cages daily, was largely incapacitated. A little extra work on my part, but I shrugged it off, no big deal. Now I had two invalids to care for, cutting up steak for one and syringe feeding the other. I fed Pocky every four hours or so, which wasn't the easiest thing since she really wasn't too fond of it. It quickly became tiring.

Though all of this, Pocky remained chipper and in good spirits. Her eyes were bright, her nose twitched with interest at foods she then decided she didn't want to eat. The two vet trips showed her temperature was good and daily weighings made sure that her weight stayed stable. I cuddled her multiple times a day. After a few days of the antibiotics, little Pocky's appetite began to improve. She ate small amounts of parlsey in the morning, she emerged from her pigloo to lounge in her litter tray throughout the day. She began to squeak and cluck happily when I cuddled her. Overall, she seemed in a much better mood. As she still had no desire to eat hay or pellets and her front teeth came together at an angle, we brought Pocky to the vet for another visit. Her teeth were filed down a bit, and another examination with an otoscope showed that her molars were in good shape. The vet was inclined to believe that her issue wasn't with her teeth, her total lack of appetite pointed to nausea rather than a toothache, and since she'd shown progress after starting the antibiotics it supported the idea of a low-grade infection being the cause of her problems. She gave me an estimate on a dental exam, but said that it was a good idea to let her have the rest of the antibiotics before subjecting Pocky to another treatment.

So here I am, still syringe feeding and giving medicines to my cute little girl piggy. My boyfriend has had the stitches removed from his wrist, the cast came off and he's able to help me out. I started a new job, which will be a great help in paying off these vet bills. A lot of tears, time and effort have been put forth for my little Pocky-chan, and I can only hope that this treatment will work and that she'll be better soon.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pet Store Memories

A while back I was at a pet store, just buying some piggy supplies. I can't resist going and looking at the pets, especially the guinea pigs. There was this one cute little girl, so little and shy, she was hiding in the pigloo. I could tell she wanted some hay. She stuck her nose out cautiously, and stretched her body as that nose inched forward so carefully and timidly. She was so tiny, she climbed into a dish of food and sat in there, munching away. The roundness of her nose and that timid nature reminded me so much of my little baby P-Chan when I first brought her home. Her coat was a deep brown with white hairs mixed throughout. This plushie looks just like that little piggy.

The next time I went to the pet store I looked for that cute, shy little girl and found that she wasn't there anymore. I was hoping to see her one more time, but I was glad that she'd found a home.

On another note, looks like I've got my rat plushie pattern worked out. I'll have some pics up of rattie plushies soon. :3

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Custom Plushie Update! Bou, Leo and Ozzy

This is Bou. I hear he's a bitey piggy, so his owner is glad to have a version of him that doesn't have any teeth. She (his owner that is, not the guinea pig) made me a cute baby chocobo plushie in lavender and purple, which you can see in her DeviantArt Gallery.

This is the second custom plushie I've done of a guinea pig named Leo. He's a cute little calico piggy, and since making him I've been thinking of making some calico piggies to put in my shops.

I made this plushie for someone on the GuineaLynx Forums. This is Ozzy, a super fluffy piggy.

I'm always available for plushie commissions. :3

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Creamy Guinea Pig Plushie

I'm always looking for more furs. I search the local stores constantly so I can get them as soon as they arrive. When I found this lovely creamy yellow, I knew I had to make a piggy plush out of it.

This super-softie plushie is in both my Artfire shop and my Etsy shop. And I can always make a big piggy plushie out of this or any other of the furs you see my baby piggy plushies in.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Together at Last! Miso and Archie are Guinea Pals

As you may know, I have five guinea pigs in five separate C&C cages. Why? Because none of them seem to get along well. Naturally we keep the boys and girls separate, for obvious reasons. Miso got along well with his father Ponzu and his brother Shoyu, but since they passed away Kokiri has become overly aggressive (Miso literally jumped for joy when we put up a divider in their cage, poor guy). Mama Mochi and daughter Pocky used to live together, but being a bit bigger Mochi would bully Pocky around and so we separated them as well. Now, with her own space and uninhibited access to food, Pocky has grown bigger and more confident, and she tends to pick on her mom whenever I put them together! The latest addition to our guinea pig family is Archie, a friendly and ultra-hyper little guy, and his good nature seemed agreeable enough that he just might be able to have a cagemate.

We tried putting all the boys together for floor time. Again, Kokiri was just too aggressive, but Archie and Miso seemed to get along well so we tried giving just the two of them floor time. Aside from a bit of rumble-strutting, there weren't any serious conflicts. After a few nights of floor time sessions, the boys really appeared to enjoy playing with each other, and we decided to go ahead with our plans for a combined piggy cage.

First we started with a buddy bath. It was Archie's first bath, and he didn't like being wet at all. Miso, having received several in his life, resigned himself to his watery fate

We're at the start of another heat wave. The warm weather is good for piggy baths, at least when you have damp piggies who keep bopping towels off of them.

Miso and Archie even cuddled together so cutely, and eventually fell asleep side by side as they waiting ever so patiently for their new home to be put together.

We (and by that I mean my boyfriend) took Miso's and Archie's 2x3 C&C cages and combined them into a spacious 2x5. We got them a new Bigloo and put in their chubes, two litter trays, and a cute plaid dog bed. The grids along the top are there so that we can put a fleece canopy over part of the cage to shield them from sun and wind.

They're taking a bit of time to adjust to their new pimpin' pad. You go in the bed, not under it, Miso!

Archie doesn't seem to realize that Miso isn't keen on sharing whatever pigloo he's in, but I'm sure as colder weather sets in they'll be all cuddly. I saw them eating hay from the same hay rack just a few minutes ago. I'm really glad that they're getting along well, and that we can give them a bigger cage as a consequence. Next we'll be trying to get the girls together!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Purple Plaid Piggy Bag

I just started a new little project this past week, something I'd be planning to do for a while and just never got around to. I took some purple plaid fabric I had, and the pattern I created for adult-sized guinea pig plushies, and made...

A purple plaid piggy-shaped bag! It's a bit on the small side and looks like a purse for a little girl. The face is a bit pointy too, but I like it.

I'll probably try making more of these, since I have more of this fabric, as well as some classic red plaid and some mostly black plaid (I love plaids). I'll enlarge the pattern and make them a little bigger, and maybe round out that face a bit.

I used a plain purple cotton fabric for an inner lining, some neat fake leather straps with gromits, and the same safety eyes that I use on my plushies. So yeah, that was my latest just-for-fun project. I intended to use this to hold my keys and cell while I was out on my bike. It may look a tad silly hanging off my bike, but maybe not so much with a matching water bottle cover made of the same fabric. :3

Friday, July 31, 2009

No Roasted Guinea Pigs Here

It's going to be 92° today. And I'm happy about that.

The past few days in the Pacific Northwest have been rather uncomfortable. The temps have risen well past 100°. Being in a third floor apartment with the only windows facing the morning sun and later the scorching afternoon sun, it was like being in a oven. Luckily we have a floor unit air conditioner. Unluckily, it only managed to cool down the living room and reached neither the bedroom nor my studio. The result was my boyfriend and I spending all of our time in the living room during the heat wave. I ventured into my studio momentarily to retrieve something to work on while sitting on the couch, positioned to recieve the direct airflow of the air conditioner.

Mochi stretches out for maximum comfort on a hot, lazy day.

What of the guinea pigs in this hot weather, you ask? OK, well you may not have asked, but it is an issue on days like this. Despite their homeland being in South America, cavies are not well suited for very hot weather. The three boys, Miso, Kokiri and Archie, were already in the living room, but the girls' cages were in my studio. With naught but a ceiling fan, the room had already reached uncomfortable levels on days when the temperature spiked up to 80°. My boyfriend, always the kind and considerate one, set about the task of taking the C&C cages apart and bringing Mochi and Pocky into the living room to rejoin their kin. Some shuffling of furniture was required, and my studio had to be completely rearranged. I spent a couple of days working on the redecorating a few minutes at a time, doing as much organizing as I could manage before the heat became too much and I had to retreat to the cooler clime of the air conditioned room.

"It's much too hot to be in my pigloo today," says the normally reclusive Pocky.

The end result was gaining more floor space, a new table to work on, and a leather recliner in my studio (which no longer fit in the living room with the addition of the C&C cages). All of my guinea pigs were now in a (somewhat) temperature controlled area and could be easily monitored. The thermostats in the bedroom and studio actually read 100° at some points in the preceding days, enough to give any small animal (or human, for that matter) heat exhaustion. Even when the nights cooled to around 70° we opted to sleep out in the living room with the ac running overnight. One of the advantages of a floor unit air conditioner is that you can roll it into another room and set it up rather easily, but we didn't want to risk letting the living room heat up overnight, as warm air so easily becomes trapped in an upstairs apartment. Out came the air mattress, a sleeping bag and some comforters.

It's a brick pig! Kokiri's favorite hangout on a warm day is a cool brick. He doesn't normally have to mess with his eyebrows to cool off, though.

To reiterate, the erstwhile days of this past week were, to say the least, hot. The kind of hot days where you just don't feel like doing much of anything. The kind of days where you can't help falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon, yet have trouble getting comfortable in bed at night. The kind of days where a grilled cheese sandwich is more than enough for dinner. The kind of days where you don't want to so much as lean forward from your seat because of the sound and feeling of your skin peeling off the leather couch. Ever since I was a kid I was the kind of person who was always cold, and was so very relieved when I moved from New England to Southern California. Somehow in the past few years, perhaps due to a change of diet and other circumstances, I can't stand excessive warmth. I'm looking forward to next week's milder weather, hoping that it'll bring with it some rain and the creative enthusiam for my ongoing projects that I'd previously been robbed off.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Custom Plushie Update! Cuy, Daisi, and Shnookums

Here are my latest custom guinea pig plushies. I actually made these a couple of weeks ago, but then I got sick for a week and I got behind on certain things.

Cuy is a handsome silver agouti. He's propped up on a tomato to show off his white tummy.

Daisi is a little black and orange cutie with one white foot.

Shnookums is another sweet black and orange piggy. I love that distinctive white stripe down her nose!

I've got more projects to work on, so I'll be updating again soon. :3

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Squeaky Clean

I've taken advantage of the warm weather and gave my guinea girls baths.

Here's Pocky, waiting ever so impatiently to get out of the sink.

My poor wet puffball! She's sitting on my lap right now, wrapped in a bigger dryer towel.

Mochi is looking unamused after the bath she got yesterday.

The boys could use baths too, but we're trying to get them to all play nice together, at which point we'd give them all a bath collectively. I can just see Archie flying out of the tub....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Abby Guinea Plushies!

I like going to fabric stores just to look for more materials to use for my plushies. I'm always on the lookout for classics as well as some new and fun fur colors. A while ago I found some nice guinea pig appropriate black fur, so I bought the whole bolt. When the fur is packaged at the factory, they fold the fur in half and wrap it around a flat board, making it easy to store and display. After I brought my roll of fabric fuzziness home and unfurled it, I noticed that someone must not have been paying attention when it was rolled up at the factory.... the outside of the fur was smooth and flat, but the fur on the inside was messed up, sticking up in all directions.

So here I am, with several feet of black fur, half of which is smooth and flat and the other half is unusable.

Or is it?

I attempted to brush the fur out with a dog grooming slicker brush, but to no avail. Then I realized I'd seen fur like this before... on guinea pigs. Abyssinian guinea pigs! They're a breed of cavy known for having rosettes all over their bodies, making their fur stick out in all directions. I really hate being wasteful, so this was a great realization. I made a bunch of little abby plushies. Previously, I'd only made abbies as custom piggies, since I'd have to manually twist and pinch the fur into rosettes. Since the fur is already "abbied", I can make these with no additional effort so I sell them at the same price as my other regular plushies. I've listed each plushie individually in both my Artfire shop and my Etsy shop since each one has its own unique fur pattern.

So when life gave me lemons, or in this case messed up fur, I made abby guinea pig plushies!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sick for a Week, Back with Cookies!

I just got over a cold or flu of some sort, which left me couch-ridden for the greater part of last week. To make matters worse, there's been some really hot weather up here in Oregon lately (with more to come... *groan*). Nothing like 90° weather when you've got a fever. I couldn't look at my laptop for more than a few minutes before my eyes got blurry, so I wasn't on the net. I pretty much stayed on the couch, watching shows like Meerkat Manor and sewing. Luckily I had air conditioning and lots of real fruit popsicles and a considerate boyfriend to expediate my recovery.

I'm back and feeling much better now. I'd made a bunch of plushies before I got sick, but wasn't able to take any photos of them til now. I really hate doing absolutely nothing, even when I'm not feeling well, so I made a LOT of felt snacks for my plushies; carrots and cheese and watermelon and apple slices and orange slices and strawberries. They're easy to make and don't require a huge amount of concentration, so it worked well to keep me busy.

Oh, I made some cookies too.

These mice needed some snacks of their own that matched their cuteness, pink and purple frosted heart-shaped cookies. :3

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pink and Purple Mousies

I have a couple of new additions to my mouse plushie family.

Blush is a ticklish mouse. A very ticklish mouse. So very much so that she developed a permanent blush, and turned completely pink. Blush giggles a lot, and likes sweets so she'll invite herself over for tea and cake... though you may not she her because she's shy and tends to hide.

Remember that day when you were having a snack and you could have sworn you heard your cookies giggling?

"If you keep eating all those berries, your fur is going to turn purple!" a concerned mother said to a young mouse.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever Mom," replied her daughter with disregard. Even a kid like her knew that it was impossible for a mouse's fur to turn purple just from eating a lot of berries.


Those pink and purple mice remind me of the vibrant colors of this Love Flower Journal. Created by Etsy artist Alternative Journals, it's up for a book raffle on her blog. Leave a comment on her blog and you could be the lucky winner.
My pink and purple mousies are available in both my Artfire shop and my Etsy shop.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Weekend Features #2

Another weekend has come and gone, and along with it another set of features. I do mean to do these more often, as I find some many fun and whimsical items on Etsy and Artfire, but my last few attempts were thwarted by Etsy's downtime for maintenance. I really shouldn't leave this for the last few waning moments of the weekend, but eh, I'm a night person, what can I do?

This weekend's theme is MICE! <:3 )~

Etsy artist Hint has a couple of cute mouse pendants made in silver. If I wasn't allergic to everything but steel and gold I'd so pick one of these up. You can find these as well as other pendant designs in her shop .

This pair of felted baby booties are too cute! I love the little tails. Created by Etsy artist PrettyLittle.

A little grey field mouse adorns this wheel thrown vase by Laurawallstaylor on Etsy. And that white mouse mug is a perfect companion for your morning coffee (or tea, in my case). At last, a sighting of the elusive Mousealope! LittleRobot has this and many other prints in her shop.

What a stylish little mouse, perfect to send a letter in style! WhiskerGraphics on Etsy has this and other cute statinary sets (don't you just love that name?)

Artist nimbusnovem on Etsy has a collection of hand engraved tablets and art boxes. The attention to detail and life-like rendering is quite exceptional.

This last piece is a wonderfully designed ceramic tile by GretchenKramp. I especially like the natural clay color's contrast with the blue.
Hope you enjoyed these whimsical works of art! I'll be back soon with a couple of colorful mice of my own.