Monday, November 9, 2009

My First Craft Fair

On Saturday I did my first craft fair. Well, that is , as a vendor. I set up a table with some grids and fleece and made it look like a guinea pig C&C cage (or as much as I could). I also had a cage for my mouse plushies, and brought a couple of my new ratty plushies too.

There wasn't a large attendance. I blame the weather! It rained all day, and quite heavily. I did make some sales and some new friends, and the experience was invaluable. I'll be looking forward to doing more of these events.


  1. Cool! I wanna buy them all! Maybe one day when I win the lotto! lol.

  2. These wonderful piggies and other creatures look so wonderful, they make me smile :) And now I have one of your creations, of our little Fairy! Thank you so much, we love her :)