Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween and a Guinea Pig Pumpkin!

I decided to carve a drawing of my recently dearly departed Mochi onto a pumpkin. Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm back with some festive new plushies for the autumn season. :3

There's a little guinea pig and a mouse with lovely golden brown fur. They're having fun frolicking among the autumn leaves and gourds.

It'll be hard to ignore this bright orange mouse.

Treat-or-treaters of all ages will have to keep an eye out for this critter! He can raid a bag or bowl of candy and be gone before anyone ever knew he was there. Rumor has it he got his coloring from eating one too many of a certain favorite Halloween candy, others say that it's a costume. If you catch him you may be able to find out.

I've been a bit absent onine lately. Another one of my guinea pigs died, my precious Mochi. Once I've gathered myself a bit more emotionally I'll blog a tribute for her. It seemed like things kept piling on, one after another. Since Halloween is just around the corner, the fabric stores are offering a lot of furs, and I was able to pick up some lovely new colors for plushies. Anyone want a long-haired red piggy? I'll have lots of new plushies to show soon, as well as holiday ornaments made with new fabrics as well.