Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Custom Plushie Update 2011!

I've created a lot of custom plushies during the holidays, and in the past couple of months. There are too many to blog at one time (my browser crashed for the third time when I was trying to upload another set) so I'll have to break it up.

I made some cute custom ratties too, but those will have to wait til next time.

I've been anemic for the past few weeks. It's made it tough to keep up with the multitude of messages I was receiving for a while, but after increasing my iron intake (mmmm.... steak) I'm feeling much better. It'll take a little more time to get back to my normal self (or as close to normal as I can get XD ), but I'll be sure to make some permanent adjustments to my diet to prevent any future issues.

There are a lot of new projects in the works, which I'll post updates on as I go along.