Saturday, April 3, 2010

Custom Plushie Update! Too Many to List! Part1

I have been immensely busy since last year's holiday season, and as a result lapsed on updating many things, such as this blog. I made many custom plushies, and just got around to putting together some photos and posting them online for all to see.

I'm getting ready to move to a nice house at the end of the week. Really, we should have moved in about a month ago, but there was a series of rather annoying delays. I've got all of my shipping boxes packed up, and my furs (I didn't seal the boxes yet, in case I need a few things).

I was working on rat plushies a few weeks ago, then I got the swine flu. Well, at least I think it was the swine flu, it was pretty nasty and left me with a cough that lingered far too long. I've got a bunch of half-finished rats sitting on my desk for some time now...

Mochi's gone through a bit of an ordeal herself. She was spayed yesterday, but hopefully it'll take care of her issues. I'll make a more detailed post about her later, with some photos of her shaved tummy (poor peeg).