Saturday, June 27, 2009

Weekend Features #2

Another weekend has come and gone, and along with it another set of features. I do mean to do these more often, as I find some many fun and whimsical items on Etsy and Artfire, but my last few attempts were thwarted by Etsy's downtime for maintenance. I really shouldn't leave this for the last few waning moments of the weekend, but eh, I'm a night person, what can I do?

This weekend's theme is MICE! <:3 )~

Etsy artist Hint has a couple of cute mouse pendants made in silver. If I wasn't allergic to everything but steel and gold I'd so pick one of these up. You can find these as well as other pendant designs in her shop .

This pair of felted baby booties are too cute! I love the little tails. Created by Etsy artist PrettyLittle.

A little grey field mouse adorns this wheel thrown vase by Laurawallstaylor on Etsy. And that white mouse mug is a perfect companion for your morning coffee (or tea, in my case). At last, a sighting of the elusive Mousealope! LittleRobot has this and many other prints in her shop.

What a stylish little mouse, perfect to send a letter in style! WhiskerGraphics on Etsy has this and other cute statinary sets (don't you just love that name?)

Artist nimbusnovem on Etsy has a collection of hand engraved tablets and art boxes. The attention to detail and life-like rendering is quite exceptional.

This last piece is a wonderfully designed ceramic tile by GretchenKramp. I especially like the natural clay color's contrast with the blue.
Hope you enjoyed these whimsical works of art! I'll be back soon with a couple of colorful mice of my own.


  1. cool! thanks for the info.! I love the mug with the mouse on the handle!

  2. Thank you so much for the feature! And I love all the other little mice out there. A couple of these artists are new to me, so I appreciate the heads up. Of course, my favorite is Gretchen's tile. That blue and her ability to capture the essence of animals is so wonderful!

  3. I blogged about you, I hope you don't mind.

  4. Thanks so much for including my mouse flat notes in your Weekend Feature! I love all your selections! Have a great week!