Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Plushies... Sorta

I guess as an artist one should be always seeking to improve their craft, and when something is presumed finished they should be open to new perspectives that can change their work and allow it as well as the artist to grow. As I was working on my skinny pig plushie I began to see guinea pigs in a different way, as can be expected when one views a furry animal without all the fluff that covers its anatomical features. As a result, I've made a few slight changes to my baby guinea pig plushie pattern. It's not all that much of a difference really, it's only on the head and shape of the face, the rest of the body is unchanged.
Here you can see a pair of baby guinea pig plushies, both made with the same materials. One of them is the older pattern, one is made with my new modifications. Can you tell which is which?
Now it's a little easier to tell. The plushie with the new modifications is the one in front. The differences are slight, but effective.
When you put the two different styles nose to nose you can really see the difference. The newer plushie is on the left, the older style on the right. I adjusted the pattern so that the face is more defined with a more prominent snout. The ears are angled a bit more naturally, the eyes are closer to the top of the head, just like a real cavy. The differences are minimal, if I didn't point them out most people would never have noticed. I figured I'd let everyone know that all my baby piggies from here on will be made with the new pattern, but since the differences are almost indistinguishable I'm not going to update every single plushie listing on DeviantArt or my shops with new photos, but I can always provide photos of the plushie after it's made before i ship it out.


  1. Very cool! I like both of them, but I can see the differences in them. I think you should make chinchillas and rabbits too!

  2. I've gotten requests for both rabbits and chinchillas, among other animals, I'll be working on all of those eventually!

  3. It's a subtle but fabulous change!