Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pink and Purple Mousies

I have a couple of new additions to my mouse plushie family.

Blush is a ticklish mouse. A very ticklish mouse. So very much so that she developed a permanent blush, and turned completely pink. Blush giggles a lot, and likes sweets so she'll invite herself over for tea and cake... though you may not she her because she's shy and tends to hide.

Remember that day when you were having a snack and you could have sworn you heard your cookies giggling?

"If you keep eating all those berries, your fur is going to turn purple!" a concerned mother said to a young mouse.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever Mom," replied her daughter with disregard. Even a kid like her knew that it was impossible for a mouse's fur to turn purple just from eating a lot of berries.


Those pink and purple mice remind me of the vibrant colors of this Love Flower Journal. Created by Etsy artist Alternative Journals, it's up for a book raffle on her blog. Leave a comment on her blog and you could be the lucky winner.
My pink and purple mousies are available in both my Artfire shop and my Etsy shop.

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