Monday, July 20, 2009

Sick for a Week, Back with Cookies!

I just got over a cold or flu of some sort, which left me couch-ridden for the greater part of last week. To make matters worse, there's been some really hot weather up here in Oregon lately (with more to come... *groan*). Nothing like 90° weather when you've got a fever. I couldn't look at my laptop for more than a few minutes before my eyes got blurry, so I wasn't on the net. I pretty much stayed on the couch, watching shows like Meerkat Manor and sewing. Luckily I had air conditioning and lots of real fruit popsicles and a considerate boyfriend to expediate my recovery.

I'm back and feeling much better now. I'd made a bunch of plushies before I got sick, but wasn't able to take any photos of them til now. I really hate doing absolutely nothing, even when I'm not feeling well, so I made a LOT of felt snacks for my plushies; carrots and cheese and watermelon and apple slices and orange slices and strawberries. They're easy to make and don't require a huge amount of concentration, so it worked well to keep me busy.

Oh, I made some cookies too.

These mice needed some snacks of their own that matched their cuteness, pink and purple frosted heart-shaped cookies. :3