Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pet Store Memories

A while back I was at a pet store, just buying some piggy supplies. I can't resist going and looking at the pets, especially the guinea pigs. There was this one cute little girl, so little and shy, she was hiding in the pigloo. I could tell she wanted some hay. She stuck her nose out cautiously, and stretched her body as that nose inched forward so carefully and timidly. She was so tiny, she climbed into a dish of food and sat in there, munching away. The roundness of her nose and that timid nature reminded me so much of my little baby P-Chan when I first brought her home. Her coat was a deep brown with white hairs mixed throughout. This plushie looks just like that little piggy.

The next time I went to the pet store I looked for that cute, shy little girl and found that she wasn't there anymore. I was hoping to see her one more time, but I was glad that she'd found a home.

On another note, looks like I've got my rat plushie pattern worked out. I'll have some pics up of rattie plushies soon. :3

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  1. Amazing write up, i completely agree with you. Our pet always becomes a family member and is treated like one of us.