Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Custom Plushie Update! Bou, Leo and Ozzy

This is Bou. I hear he's a bitey piggy, so his owner is glad to have a version of him that doesn't have any teeth. She (his owner that is, not the guinea pig) made me a cute baby chocobo plushie in lavender and purple, which you can see in her DeviantArt Gallery.

This is the second custom plushie I've done of a guinea pig named Leo. He's a cute little calico piggy, and since making him I've been thinking of making some calico piggies to put in my shops.

I made this plushie for someone on the GuineaLynx Forums. This is Ozzy, a super fluffy piggy.

I'm always available for plushie commissions. :3

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