Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend Features #1

There are so many cute, lovely, fun, whimsical, intriguing items I come across on my regular travels, I'd like to share them and give the artists a bit of love. In my first installment of Weekend Features (named as such until I can think of a better name) I'd like to showcase some crafts that share the same theme...

Guinea pigs!

Just look at this sweet little guinea pig figurine! The artist has several other cute clay polymer creations as well. Available at Joojoo's Etsy Shop .

These glass pendants are made with prints of original paintings of some sleepy guineas. The artist also has some cute prints and cards. Available at SuzannesGallery.

This guinea pig is the "King of the Castle", and who wouldn't want to see this friendly little face whenever you open up your book. Available at SavageArtworks.
Check out this cool art print! From a distance it's a cute cavy, but up close... it's a lot of cute cavies! In a limited run of prints, it'll look great on the wall of your caviary. Available from ArtBarkers.

At last, a greeting card that expresses what you need to say in just the manner that your guinea pig would say it. You can get this one from AfricanGrey.

Now this magnet had to be featured, not just because it's adorable but because this guinea looks a lot like my Kokiri, who has similar colors and always sticks his piggy nose up in the air. Available at Vozamer's Etsy Shop.

Thanks for checking out these lovely items, hope you're all having a great weekend!


  1. What a sweet blog! Thank you so much for the feature! Guinea pigs are so lovely and innocent! My friend used to have one! You may also like these:

  2. Thanks! Those figurines are so adorable, I'll have to take a gander at your pics if you've got more of them. :3