Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"There's an Intruder in My Parsley!" said the Guinea Pig

This morning an intruder was detected in one of the most dangerous places someone or something could unwittingly find themselves... a guinea pig's parsley! Most times this would result in death by unrelenting munching, but the stowaway was thankfully found before the parsley made it to the feeding dishes. The culprit? A ladybug! Exactly how long she (am I the only one who refers to ladybugs as a "she"?) had been hidden in there is unknown, but the parsley was purchased just yesterday and sat in the fridge from then til this morning. It's also fortunate that she was discovered as it was being washed, before accidently being rinsed away down the sink and possibly coming in contact with the garbage disposal.

I have to admit though, it would have been incredibly cute to see Miso with a ladybug on his nose as he nibbled his breakfast. Perhaps that'll make it into my Ideas for Drawings list.


  1. THANK goodness you found "HER" (yes, I call lady bugs she as well)in time. What a grisly death that would have been. :0 Susan/Sew What Guild Master

  2. OH NO! No ladybug should ever meet HER demise via garbage disposal! :O
    SEW WHAT Guild