Monday, May 4, 2009

The Humble Beginnings of a Plushie Artist

I believe in bringing an element of beauty to everything that I do.

Throughout my life, I've had 2 passions. Before I could even remember I've had crayons in one hand and a plush dog in the other. I maintained my enthusiasm for drawing as I grew older, often foresaking recess, playtime, and other activities so I could have a little quiet time to draw. I was fascinated by animals and studied them at great lengths to learn how to properly express their anatomical features and personalities. As for the stuffed dogs, there were quite a few. I had a great many plushies growing up, and read countless stories about animals (and often wondered what the world was like when you were an adventurous mouse) . I learned to sew at a young age, but plushies of my own creation didn't come about til much later.

My journey through life lead me along several paths. I left my New England home to study illustration at an art school in southern California. Unfortunately I did not graduate, and that is something I would still like to finish provided the opportunity rises. A variety of jobs came and went. I worked as a dog groomer and enjoyed the daily interaction with my beloved canines til my back began to ache . Video game testing was another fun venture, yet it still wasn't quite the right fit (despite the fact that I'd been an avid gamer since the NES came out... ah well). It wasn't til I ended a bad relationship and began to truly listen to my inner voice that I found a place and a calling that made me happy.

I live in Oregon now with my loving and supportive boyfriend and 5 guinea pigs, away from the obnoxiously sunny weather of Southern California. The grey chilly days are lovely, as is listening to the rain's patter on the greenery that is so abundent here. After growing up with 2 terriers I'm ready for another dog in my life (though perhaps I'll pick a breed without a strong prey drive for small animals!) My creative energies are focused on making life-like plushies of guinea pigs, mice, rats, and all the other little critters who you can never find any plushies of. With this blog I'll be sharing my work, from new types of plushies (and I am ever branching out to more animals), to my drawings and traditional artwork, and also a bit of my love and gained wisdom about my furry friends.

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